Examples: Her smile is the sunrise.

Rumbled words meaning

noun. cheap northeast house for rentSynonyms for RUMBLED: growled, grumbled, rolled, bellowed, thundered, boomed, lumbered, drummed. p5 topics science

. fc-falcon">rumbled on. They have allowed the misunderstanding to rumble on. Find 79 ways to say RUMBLING, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.



Rumbled definition: Simple past tense and past participle of rumble.

Synonyms for rumbled include discovered, learned, learnt, found, ascertained, determined, saw, seen, detected and realized.

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Present participle for to cry (something) in a high-pitched, frenzied way. to discover the. . .

to give forth or utter with a rumbling sound: to rumble a command. 1. (tr) informal Brit to find out about (someone or something); discover (something): the police rumbled their plans.

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. fc-falcon">A contemptible person.

. The train rumbles through town twice a day.

countable noun.

. Thunder thunder rumble and roar, close the windows and lock the door.


in a rumble, or tumbling box.

I have had a look at various dictionaries and have yet to see the word "rumble" as used in the sense of "being discovered" having a separate etymology to the standard word.

A cripple. See also main entry: rumble. verb (used with object), rum·bled, rum·bling. .

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Hook words of rumbled. intr. a.